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Apple Inc.

2d 1w ahead

Predictive Factors

20-Year Treasury Inflation-Indexed Security, Constant Maturity

American International Group

Utilities Sector SPDR ETF

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc

Hong Kong / U.S. Foreign Exchange Rate USDHKD

as of

Our Probabilistic Prediction

2023-05-28T09:35:21.682498 image/svg+xml Matplotlib v3.5.3,

The prediction is done by a group of models. If each model makes a single prediction about the direction of future movement, over the group of models, with respect to the Fri 26th value 175.43, the predictions are

% Up % Down % Un­de­cided
Mon 29th 70% 10% 20%
Tue 30th 100% 0% 0%