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10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate

Predictive Factors

2d ahead
Caterpillar Inc.
JD.com, Inc. American Depositary Shares
American International Group
iShares J.P.Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF
Utilities Sector SPDR ETF

as of

Our Probabilistic Prediction

2d ahead
2022-06-25T15:01:50.687445 image/svg+xml Matplotlib v3.5.1, https://matplotlib.org/

The prediction is done by a group of models. If each model makes a single prediction about the direction of future movement, over the group of models, with respect to the Fri 24th value 3.13, the predictions are

% Up % Down % Undecided
Mon 27th 80% 20% 0%
Tue 28th 80% 20% 0%